Alternative healing practitioners such as spiritual healers and natural medicine proponents are on their way to joining modern medicine practitioners as people’s choice for taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health. As modern medicine is believed to work on symptoms rather than the root cause, a lot of seekers are moving towards solutions that resolve any situation from the roots.

Long waiting periods before getting access to a medical practitioner, visiting a pharmacy store directly asking for pills instead of meeting their medics and doctor shopping are some of the common situations in a ‘patient’s’ life.

The good news is that instead of choosing a certified professional based on availability, it is now possible to choose them based on multiple alternate healing techniques suited to soothe, support and even heal as the ongoing treatment continues.

For example, say somebody has back pain that is increasing by the day. The next appointment to see a spine specialist is far away. While they wait, this person has the option to find relief by working with a professional offering integrative medicine or alternative healing practices such as energy medicine, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Bach Flower Remedies, Switchwords, Angel Therapy and even Akashic Records.

Nidhu B Kapoor, an energy healer and CEO of India’s major healing organisation, The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies says, “The biggest advantage of these techniques are that they start showing effects very quickly and also focus on healing a concern from where it all began. While there is no denying the importance of modern medicine in the treatment of grave ailments, the alternative practices are excellent to provide relief, support and answers.”

The world is seeing a rapid increase in the number of promoters of integrative medicine – a combination of conventional and alternative medicine. Some of the trusted institutions like Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, Cleveland Clinic and others have dedicated spaces offering healing services of acupuncture, Reiki and so on. Dr Lise Alschuler, a naturopathic oncologist and a cancer survivor, is dedicated to educating people about the benefits of natural therapies after successfully fully recovering from cancer with their inclusion. And who can forget ‘The Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates who refused to administer drugs as much as possible as Hippocrates’s style of medicine was based on the ‘healing power of nature’! The pandemic also saw a spike in the popularity of supportive modalities and their practitioners.

The Earth is said to have moved into the astrological Age of Aquarius – a period of approximately 2,160 years that is characterised by collective responsibility and coming together for the greater good. It is also where people will seek authentic identity and make sovereign decisions – not doing what everybody is doing but following what suits their own highest good. As there is no dearth of choices between meditation, yoga, parkour, aerobics dance, personal training and so many more new forms of exercise than ever before, similarly it is becoming clear to mankind that much more lies beyond popping a pill and choices can be made from an increasing number of alternative healing techniques.

Imagine a 100 healers sending positive energies to a hospital; a group of healers come together to teach healing to others; a person’s back pain leaves forever when it is revealed that they have financial insecurity and healing is provided; or a new mother’s fear for a normal delivery is healed and the delivery is done smoothly and quickly – the possibilities are endless with the inclusion of healers providing alternative healing techniques along with conventional medicine.

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