The desire to go beyond regular nutrition and integrate holistic health and wellness as a lifestyle in people, is what drove one of India’s best known health coaches, Luke Coutinho, to integrative and lifestyle medicine. As someone who started out as a nutritionist, Luke Coutinho expanded his horizons to other pursuits within the wellness sphere, and is now running a highly successful consultation business built over the last decade.

In a recent Master Secrets interview with India’s leading digital coach and Internet Lifestyle Hub founder Siddharth Rajsekar, Luke Coutinho — one of the world’s leading authorities in the space of integrative and holistic health — walks viewers through his idea of simplifying complications and flowing with life. Masters Secrets is a YouTube series where Siddharth Rajsekar interviews the world’s top coaches and trainers, in an innovative attempt to bring out unexplored, off-the-stage vignettes of their knowledge and wisdom.

As a perfect example of a lifelong learner, Luke continued to study nutrition in his previous roles, even during a career break. He has always believed that there’s something way beyond health and lays emphasis on the importance of addressing the root cause of the illness.

He realised that studying nutrition was just not it and hence started learning more about emotional wellness, quality sleep and the whole ecosystem. Identifying the trigger and managing the side effects of the treatment is one of the key concerns that he and his team focus on. Luke talks about his best part of the year where he reminisces about an incident with a 95 year old man. Being introduced to the old man made Luke feel, “This is what I want to be and this is who we all can be. When asked the old man about his secret to a long life, he answered by saying, “I just simply follow you and practice mudras”. This was when he realised how crucial it was for him to implement mudras if it could add value to his patients.

“In a corporate, one always aspires to be promoted to the next position. I would notice, amongst these people, that a lot of them were constantly falling sick. One day I heard someone in a high position in the company saying that they can’t even sit comfortably in a first class seat because their back hurts. Something struck me. I thought — What’s the point of position and money but you can’t even be comfortable because you have back pain caused by poor lifestyle,” he said.

During the interaction, Luke Coutinho reflected back to his childhood and habits picked up at a young age. He highlighted that his entire practice runs through simplicity and mentioned that his mind never understood complication and found a new way of thinking- simplicity.

Siddharth Rajsekar also questioned him about time management to which Coutinho said, “Time is everything and if you don’t use your gift, it gets taken away”. He spoke about his team which consists of almost 150 people who are nutritionists, yoga therapists, life coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and radiologists who work in different countries and yet are a one team — and a highly paid one.

Speaking on competition and social media, the coach said, “One day I was so fed up of seeing a line of patients with the most common issue of constipation, who would never line up outside a doctor’s office if they had the knowledge. I thought let me just get onto social media and start teaching basics. I wanted to use social media to educate people. It’s very easy to go on social media and create value for ‘likes’. Tomorrow there is going to be someone better than you at reels getting more ‘likes’. But if you can create value, people will come to you. Textbook knowledge is great but if you cannot integrate experience with that knowledge, you’re just going to be competing with a lot of people consulting and practicing out of textbooks,” explained Coutinho.

“Being a mentor, Luke has been delivering impact constantly every single day of his practice. He has been giving many people clarity and sharing knowledge to live a better lifestyle, especially those struggling with health challenges in these times. It was an honour be having a conversation with him,” said Siddharth Rajsekar.

The interview has almost 3 lakh views on YouTube. Catch it here:

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